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Calendar - EASTRIDE

Biking in the cities of Eastern Europe is a very different experience than biking in the West. The almost complete lack of usable biking routes makes each ride an adrenaline adventure. Despite this, some biking courier companies exist and work to change the way we move goods in the cities of the East. The riders of Eastride, the Cluj based urban logistics company deliver on their bikes despite terrible traffic conditions, rain, snow or minus degrees, and the hills on which the city was built.
Eastride is a sustainable urban logistics company offering services in the last mile and food delivery industry. Their mission is to create a zero-emission fleet of drivers and riders using only environmental-friendly ways of transportation.
Eastride commissioned us to create a 2020 calendar that has the very simple message: biking is sexy. Using ‘90s underwear commercials as source of inspiration, we created a photo series in the spirit of body positivity that celebrates all sorts of body types. The locations include old factory buildings, blocks of flat and the Eastride headquarters.
We were seeking to express a certain “Eastern European mood” which we find hard to put into words: for us it means braveness and strength mixed with melancholy, a specific kind of humor and subtle irony.

Bernadett Fejér (@fejerbernadett), photographer
Ágota SzK (@agotaeklektika), creative

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