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WOMAN-The book


We belong to nature from day one and we are one until the last. We arrive this world naked in the natural, free and joyful moment of birth. The beauty of our uniqueness is irreproducible, yet we are one in nudity. The ease and easiness of our purest form is an experience we share. By seeing our naked bodies we can connect with ourselves and to each other. It's a truthful and sacred moment. Mother nature is a door to our glorious female spirit which feeds the wild woman within us and the everlasting connection with our innermost self.
In this connection our Goddess-self emerges and proves: the Goddess is in all of us. That self has the highest knowledge, that we are all unique godly creatures. It gives us the confidence we have in our bodies because our body is a sacred temple and through it the life-giving and caring light of mother nature embraces us. 
My pictures are reflections of this light, this natural state and its real power. 
I would like to thank all the WOMEN who put their faith in me and allowed me to see them in their purest form. To all the MEN who help us women on our way with their presence and ustaining power. Thanks to everyone who supported the realization of this book. Thank you for being in this world and for being here for each other.

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