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The original scene and the mirror image are not necessarily corresponding to each other. The mirror doesn’t always show the “truth” because the perspective of the viewer affects the reflection of the objects.

Why do we look into the mirror? What does it mean if I look into the mirror?

Self-knowledge, self-recognition, multiple versions of identity, appearance and reality, the look of the eyes and its radiation. The metaphoric ability of the mirror is that it allows you to get an insight into a utopist and unreal world, it reflects the personality of the people, it shows different kinds of ghosts and it prognosticates the fate and other prophecies.

What do I see in the mirror and why do I see what I see?

With the help of the mirror, things can be displayed in a different place in reality. New spatial relations can be affected by this, because it can show a part of the space that people don’t usually see. At the same time, through summoning them, it helps portraying things that cannot be seen through a mirror nor in reality. 


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